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Kocho Ultra Absorbant Potty Pads

Kocho Ultra Absorbant Potty Pads

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KOCHO's Potty Pads are made of 6 ultra-thick carbon-filled layers and it is 2 x thicker than the traditional potty pads. The activated carbon traps and eliminates unpleasant odors and keeps your home fresh. It prevents urine from returning to the surface and dirtying paws. Recommended for puppy/kitty training, incontinent or senior dogs/cats and lining crates and carriers. 

(18" x 23") 44 count

Surface material: Polyolefin Non-woven fabric
Absorber Material: Fluff pulp, Tissue with activated carbon (powder), Superabsorbent polymers
Waterproof material: Polyethylene film
Adhesive material: Hot melt adhesive
Exterior material: Polyethylene film 

Made in Japan

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